a review!

April 3rd, 2017

i am aware of very few reviews of our work. i was happy to find one today during a random search. thank you, whoever you are, who took the time to share your perspective on our experiment #4:

Decibelle Jun 25 2016 ▼ 4.50 stars
With the exception of Hope, none of these songs have any business being as long as they are. But I’m absolutely glad they are. The band decides what a song’s natural stopping point is, and go even farther, making sure to move and shift as much as they can through their detours, taking all sorts of weird turn. While not the freakiest folk or the most epic that they try to be, goddamn it’s just so much fun. That’s what I really get out of it. The lyrics are serious (for the most part) and carry a certain gravity about them, which the music also conveys, but they just know how to have some goddamn fun as well. The bit in Ragged Claws where some singers just pause the music briefly to yell “BEHEMOTH!” lightens the song and really adds to how nice it is overall. If all overblown indie folk music put in as much thought to balancing the serious with the lighthearted that this band does, the genre would be in a better state.

Thunderbird reunion show

February 23rd, 2017

Join with us and many other bands and artists on March 18th at the Michigan Theater in Jackson. See you there!

WG #12

January 20th, 2017

“When I was a teenage boy in western Maine, I read the books of Jack London, books about a world of rugged people and hardy animals at home in the frozen woods of the north. Dreaming of that world, I ventured out into the forest on snowshoes, and if it was in the middle of a storm, all the better. Deep in the forest I would dig a shallow pit in the snow and using the papery bark peeled from a nearby birch tree and dead twigs broken from a red spruce, I’d start a crackling fire. The splendor of sparks shooting up into the dark sky, the acrid smoke rising through the falling snowflakes, and hare or porcupine meat roasting on a stick over the flames, all enhanced the winter romance. Warming myself, I would think of London’s ‘To Build a Fire’, a story about how in the northern wilderness, heat meant life. To one unfortunate newcomer in the frozen Yukon in that story, the key to life was keeping dry and having a match, but because of careless mistakes, he got his feet wet and his fire and life were extinguished.
The trouble with that newcomer, London wrote, was that ‘he was without imagination. He was quick and alert in the things of life, but only in the things. Not in the significances. Fifty degrees below zero meant eighty-odd degrees of frost- it was to him just precisely fifty degrees below zero. That there should be anything more to it than that was a thought that never entered his head.’ He new about the abstract thing, frost, and the numbers. But he did not yet know what they meant.” -from Winter World by Bernd Heinrich

It is time again for that great dance of community and spirit, nature and music; fire of life in bleak midwinter. We hope you will be with us for the 12th annual Winter Gathering! Your presence is the most precious gift you can share. We need you. Yes you. And you need us. (“We are here, and so are you”) If you have never been before or if you have been to all eleven or anywhere in-between you are desired. What with the lions, tigers, and even wolverines failing to live up to our highest expectations we are going to have to take matters into our own hands. With the hibernating antlions of the great lakes dunes, the eastern tiger swallowtails in their cocoons, and the beavers habitat restoration crew we will remember what it is to sing, sing, sing again too! Amidst all this romantic twirling about like it’s a Terence Malick film we also have a set schedule for the various planned activities that we will try to keep posted around the space throughout the weekend and ideally stick to for the most part. Even though we resist the tyranny of time.

All of us raised to be civilized are still newcomers to our home, earth’s beloved community of all living creatures. Finding this community can sometimes feel like grasping for the wind. The winter gathering is a space to start again by finding each other. In the margins of ancient glacial systems, high on the drumlins, send your smoke signals for many are seeking. Eating, playing, singing, making, discussing, face to face, we can expand our imaginations. The rivers and lakes of Charlevoix County can teach us what life means. We can grow to be one of the old-timers when we are old; at home with the earth. Meeting up for the dozenth gathering is not for the sake of recreating the past, or a sentimental reconnecting to feelings and friends we once had, or to just keep a tradition. We need things like this now more than ever. “It is a new year, I gotta new change of gear, i swear…” We still have so many questions about our lives, and we live in a time with all the world at stake. And we have learned a lot over the year and have experiences and skills to share. And it is fun to mature with the assistance of good parties.

Sometimes we laugh for hours straight over nothing, sometimes we cry at so much beauty. Sometimes we fall in love, sometimes we drink and fight (I am not promoting this one). Sometimes we forgive and forget, sometimes we go our separate ways. Sometimes we dunk our head in the river, sometimes we leave a lock of hair for the birds to build their nest. We reach beyond mediation, hoping for direct immersion in wild nature. And we are trying to let winter shape us like the stones which rest safely on the ground (or roll), and we pray winter give us dreams of heaven on earth, of anarchy (to be ungovernable we need community and skills for living on the land. This is another chance to help one-another get there.) Standing rock dreams. Peregrine falcon on the city tower dreams. Acorn biscuit with cattail pollen gravy dreams. Apocalyptic fervor. From the subnivian zone to the frozen clouds. From Hoods Up in Jackson, to the wood-stoves of the collapse house, to the sugar bush of wagbo, to the ends of the earth (but not to Mars) we pray for the common good.

May we create meaning in the middle of the chaos and the structure. May we sense the comforting shock of cold, snow, wind, and rugged north woods (Despite another hottest year on record there are still a few remnant patches of winter hanging around. Get it while you can!). May we enter fully into this darkness and edify one another with prophecies of spring. May we not give up meeting together. May we give each other the benefit of the doubt. May we not be strangers to ourselves or to this world. May we renew our awareness of the spirit-who-moves-through-all-things. May we restore the land as the land restores us. May we exorcise the demon of politics from our midst. And may the children grow wild according to their nature.

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning, as we tear the whole thing down. Alive, Alive, Alive!

where: East Jordan, Michigan at the Martha Wagbo Farm & Education Center https://www.facebook.com/marthawagbofarm/

when: January 27-29

other than that do whatever you want (with love)

We have planned for:
nature hikes
talks/discussions on foraging and standing rock resistance
children’s activities
potluck meals
and more, always more

Faith, Hope, Love,
from the editor in the Maple Mansion

There is no last word

January 18th, 2017

a few lines from one of our new songs that will be released on experiment #5 sometime in the future:

“From the first laugh of the wood frog, to the last cry of the crane;
from death to life the crow flies over the crooked river of melting ice,
it takes its time traversing to the lake.
meandering like lovers, seeking a spot apart from others, detached from law and order, fighting fate with faith.
transporting ourselves on bicycles down railroad lines,
a dove flew in a figure eight and landed on a cross roads sign.
the molecules of our thoughts are episodic but they touch:
just nostalgia for the old days? are they over?
we went to a diner, we went to a coffee shop with no phone or laptop,
we searched for the ghost of our first love we could not find her.
then the holy ghost landed on my shoulder in the form of a turkey feather.
a reminder.
we fly on fragile wings and when we fall, inevitably,
who will forgive?
who will pay?
the seasons are a sidewalk that take us to the record shop
where we buy something to play.
sometimes i wish that it would skip forever on my favorite line
so the feeling that it gives would always remain.
but i’ve got too many, too many, too many favorite lines…”

Will Standing Rock Give Anarchism a Soul?

November 30th, 2016

“The battle to stop the pipeline has many layers, from anti-capitalism to dirty energy, and thousands have come to join the fight. One aspect of the fight that many from the traditional radical milieu, even protest veterans, seem totally unprepared for is the deep spiritual thread running through the entire battle.”

no peaceful transition

November 21st, 2016

“On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies.”:


November 15th, 2016

an anarchist take on the election: http://anarchistnews.org/content/president-trump-countdown-apocalypse

“The problem is democracy itself: the form of government that brought Adolf Hitler into office. In response to the polls, we assert that no one should have the right to rule over anyone else. Neither Donald Trump, nor Barack Obama, nor Mother Theresa could ever use such power for good. We have to create horizontal structures and autonomous movements that can meet our needs directly, rather than continuing to feed resources into structures that will be used against us for the benefit of a few.”

Make Babylon Great Again!
11/15/2016 Comments
from jesusradicals.com

By: Dan Oudshoorn
“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!
He has become a dwelling place of 1%ers,
a haunt of every foul spirit,
with waters covered in Corexit,
and the land covered with black snakes.
For all the nations have drunk
of the wine of the wrath of his rapaciousness,
and the kings of the earth have all flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727,
and the bankers of the earth have grown rich from the power of his luxury.”

​Then I heard another voice from heaven saying,

“Come away from him, my people,
so that you do not take part in his sins,
and so that you do not share in his plagues;
for his sins are heaped high as heaven,
and God has remembered his iniquities.
Render to him as he himself has rendered,
and repay him double for his deeds;
mix a double draught for him in the cup he mixed.
As he glorified himself and lived luxuriously,
so give him a like measure of torment and grief.
Since in his heart he says,
‘I will build a great wall;
I will grab them by the pussy,
and I will never see grief,’
therefore his plagues will come in a single day–
pestilence and mourning and famine —
and he will be burned with fire (you’re fired);
for mighty is the Lord God who judges him.”
And the kings of the earth, the gang rapists who lived in luxury with him, will weep and wail over him when they see the smoke of his burning; they will stand far off, in fear of his torment, and say,

“Alas, alas, the great city,
Babylon, the mighty city!
For in one election your judgment has come.”

And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for him, since no one buys their cargo anymore, cargo of gold, silver, jewels and pearls, oil and bitumen, and natural gas fracking, fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet, drones and handguns and armored personnel carriers, bronze, iron, and marble, cattle and sheep, automobiles and tanks, slaves—and black lives.

“You have said it doesn’t matter
what they media writes about you,
as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass
but this will be lost to you,
never to be found again!”

The merchants of these wares, who gained wealth from him, will stand far off, in fear of his torment, weeping and mourning aloud,

“Alas, alas, the great city,
from Wall Street,
to the Pacific Exchange,
adorned with surveillance cameras,
with militarized police forces, and bear and bull markets!

For in one election all this wealth has been laid waste!”
And all stockbrokers and daytraders, bankers and all who trade on the market, stood far off and cried out as they saw the smoke of his burning,

“What city was like the great city?”

And they threw dust on their heads, as they wept and mourned, crying out,

“Alas, alas, the great city,
where all who had invested in the free market
grew rich by his wealth!
For in one election he has been laid waste.”

Rejoice over him, O heaven, you Indigenous peoples and black lives and queer folk! For God has given judgment for you against him.

Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying,

“With such violence Babylon the great city
will be thrown down,
and will be found no more;
and the sound of drilling and hydraulic fracturing and of nuclear testing and arms-making
will be heard in you no more;
and factories of any trade
will be found in you no more;
and the sound of the power plants
will be heard in you no more;
and the light of streetlamps
will shine in you no more;
and the voice of Republicans and Democrats
will be heard in you no more;
for your bankers were the magnates of the earth,
and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.
And in you was found the blood of prophets and of saints,
and of all who have been slaughtered on earth.”

resistance news

October 20th, 2016


December 13th, 2015

Here’s another invite just to keep on reminding you. This was sent out to theillalogicalspoon email list. I have no idea how up to date that list is and who gets it that doesn’t want it and who doesn’t get it that does want it, but it’s a tradition to send out a winter gathering email and I like tradition.

“I love the summers in this land. But I also love the feel of winter winds against my cheek, when the snow squeals underfoot, and the ptarmigan, the white grouse, come whirling down from the mountain peaks once more… to talk along the valley by my house. I love the colors of the bleak wastelands where nobody goes, when the circling sun falls low, and the leaves hang and rattle in the wind, and cranberries turn to mahogany brown, and frosted blueberries taste of wine, then my cabin on the river will be snug and tight against the arctic gale. When wild grass has turned to hay and the wild geese wing their way once more over mountain and valley to the southern land below, the canoe is put away and the snowshoe will appear. But when the arctic turns to green again and the geese return with the sun I shall take my canoe from off the tall cache, and I shall travel on the river to see some new place.”

-Constance Helmericks from We Live In The Arctic

You are hereby joyfully encouraged to meet up in the great lakes bioregion, north woods of michigan, jordan river valley, town of east jordan at
martha wagbo farm and education center (http://www.wagbo.org/)

for the eleventh annual winter gathering!

january 18-24

Monday – Thursday will feature various ongoing skills shares (acorn processing, fire starting, fishing, brewing, etc…) nature hikes exploring multiple areas of the Jordan river valley, movie nights (a winter series of films on people, plants and other animals adapting and thriving in the cold northern lands) and lots of time to just hang out and do whatever we want to do together.

Friday – Sunday will have a full schedule including, but not limited to concerts both friday and saturday night. Organized discussions (on topics such as rewilding, ecological restoration, permaculture, spirituality, and technology). Potluck meals. Games. Head dunking in a cold river. Wildness!!!!!!!!!!

more info to come….

we are excited to be experimenting for the first time this year with officially expanding the event to a full week (it has often turned into that anyhow. soon we may have to call it a festival) and traveling beyond the Jackson area (making it a longer drive for most, but who’s counting, right?). we anticipate that many of you will share our enthusiasm and join the adventure!

see you all soon!

-with love and a longing for colder weather,

the editor in the cabin

winter gathering eleven

November 23rd, 2015

Fall is fading to winter. The Great Lakes bio region is covered in snow. A great time to practice tracking. This morning I thought perhaps a fox had walked in front of my cabin, but after studying a bit I realized it was just the neighboring house cat. Obviously I need a lot of practice. Tracking is just one of the many activities we may get to do together at this seasons 11th annual winter gathering. You are all invited. We are very excited to be taking a field trip away from southern Michigan to Up North where there is even more snow and it is even colder! January 22-24 we will celebrate land, community, winter, and the hope of a wilder future for us and our children as we share skills, stories, food, music and all good things. Join us at the Martha Wagbo Farm and Educational Center in East Jordan Michigan. More info to come…

update: there will actually be workshops and other events happening all week leading up to the official winter gathering weekend. so come early and stay late. a schedule will be published soon.

if you have questions or want to know how to help contact Jeremy at theillalogicalspoon@gmail.com