There is no last word

January 18th, 2017

a few lines from one of our new songs that will be released on experiment #5 sometime in the future:

“From the first laugh of the wood frog, to the last cry of the crane;
from death to life the crow flies over the crooked river of melting ice,
it takes its time traversing to the lake.
meandering like lovers, seeking a spot apart from others, detached from law and order, fighting fate with faith.
transporting ourselves on bicycles down railroad lines,
a dove flew in a figure eight and landed on a cross roads sign.
the molecules of our thoughts are episodic but they touch:
just nostalgia for the old days? are they over?
we went to a diner, we went to a coffee shop with no phone or laptop,
we searched for the ghost of our first love we could not find her.
then the holy ghost landed on my shoulder in the form of a turkey feather.
a reminder.
we fly on fragile wings and when we fall, inevitably,
who will forgive?
who will pay?
the seasons are a sidewalk that take us to the record shop
where we buy something to play.
sometimes i wish that it would skip forever on my favorite line
so the feeling that it gives would always remain.
but i’ve got too many, too many, too many favorite lines…”

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