a review!

April 3rd, 2017

i am aware of very few reviews of our work. i was happy to find one today during a random search. thank you, whoever you are, who took the time to share your perspective on our experiment #4:

Decibelle Jun 25 2016 ▼ 4.50 stars
With the exception of Hope, none of these songs have any business being as long as they are. But I’m absolutely glad they are. The band decides what a song’s natural stopping point is, and go even farther, making sure to move and shift as much as they can through their detours, taking all sorts of weird turn. While not the freakiest folk or the most epic that they try to be, goddamn it’s just so much fun. That’s what I really get out of it. The lyrics are serious (for the most part) and carry a certain gravity about them, which the music also conveys, but they just know how to have some goddamn fun as well. The bit in Ragged Claws where some singers just pause the music briefly to yell “BEHEMOTH!” lightens the song and really adds to how nice it is overall. If all overblown indie folk music put in as much thought to balancing the serious with the lighthearted that this band does, the genre would be in a better state.

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