warblers in lone pine on high ridge shaped by bitter wind

May 10th, 2017

Jeremy has teamed up with our friend and fellow musician Lisa Wolf https://lisawolfgang.bandcamp.com/releases to form a new musical project of passion and poetry The Prevailing Wind https://theprevailingwind.bandcamp.com/releases. They will be heading out for a tour in June! A schedule will be posted eventually. Hopefully before they play in your town. Perhaps they will even get their own website. There are still some open dates, so contact Jeremy at theillalogicalspoon@gmail.com if you might be able to help set up a show. Yes, even if you are not positive you could set one up, but you might be able to, still write. It is always encouraging to to hear there is interest, and who knows perhaps something will come of it. They will head east, then south, then west, then north.

And don’t fear theillalogicalspoon will not be silent all summer. There are a number of shows in the works, and Part B is getting close!

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