anarchy on the internet, who would have thought

June 1st, 2017

Check out this new podcast called Magnificent:
In this episode they discuss anarchy, christianity, and mention us! although they are only playing clips from experiment #1 that was recorded in 2004. We still exist!

I am glad they spelled our name right. the correct spelling is theillalogicalspoon. it has not been the best name for promotional purposes over the years. although it is unique, it gets misspelled so much that you can’t find all of our stuff online under a single spelling. flyers and posters get it wrong, even one of our own albums had it spelled wrong on the cover, so I’m not putting the blame on anyone in particular, unless it would be me for coming up with such ineficent band name, but I had to and there is a story about why which I could tell you if you ask me sometime in person.

also check out my new side project that is going on tour now:

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