August 1st, 2011

who are we?

a community of theologians and anarchists from jackson michigan. grunge-blues from the abyss. experimental prison city folk core. punk rock psalms watered by our nomadic-hobo ramblings, rooted and growing out of our particular place in the great lakes state. a landscape of sound that moves through us as we move through it singing, “come thou spirit, who moves through all things”

4 Responses to “storytelling”

  1. rico Says:

    I’ll tell you a story-
    When th’ wolf at th’ top of th’ page awakes-
    sniffs once or twice-
    catches your scent-
    pretends to be asleep, but
    knowing you’re near-
    listens to your every move-
    to your very heart beat-
    as if he knows your thoughts-
    knows your intent-
    he opens his eyes-
    fixes his gaze upon you-
    you stare silent for a moment-
    for eternity-
    then let out a howl that contains your very being…

    now you finish it…cheers

  2. Alex Says:


  3. Wimpy the Clown Says:

    Once upon a time a deer on the side of the railroad tracks in Jackson MI lead me through the wilderness to a perfect website. To here. Thank you.

  4. Jeremy Bowling Says:


    I would like permission to play your music on our podcast and radio show – Thanks for the considerations.

    Jeremy Bowling

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