November 9th, 2011

okay, don’t freak out, but…
our new album is out in the world like a newborn gasping for breaths of beautiful air!!! we’d like for you to hold it and cherish it like you would a sweet baby, since we labored and fought to bring this gift into the world to be shared (but it took a heck of a lot longer than 9 months)…
it’s our fourth (or so) experiment, called:

Experiment #4: The Great Wound and The Wild Joy part A: Roar Again

we recorded this at the Collapse House with the help of Scotty Krueger of Psalters fame and additional vocal tracks recorded by Billy King of Frog Holler Farm.
if you’d like to purchase it for any amount of dollars, let us know!
one way to do this is at:
and sending moneys to
we’ll appreciate it a whole lot, and send you a copy by mail or by personal delivery.
let us know what you think!

our previous albums can be enjoyed below, or at bandcamp every summer:

you can also donate to own on that page.
————————————————————————————–<3 experiment #3: remember your creator in the days of your youth and EP before 4: the last breath of a luna moth under the morel moon are currently available for a donation to our cause (life, love, music...) available for listening on bandcamp:


experiment #2: living the hope of the future in the now
recorded by Victor McDermit
non-copyright 2006

to download: Experiment #2

to listen:
01 Morning Prayer
02 Bad Deal/Secret Plan
03 In The Valley
04 Yo-Ho
05 Woodpecker Song
06 Animal Kingdom
07 Giver of Rest
08 Hobo Lullaby


experiment #1: the totally cool, revolutionary act of truly living
recorded by Victor McDermit & Zach Jarret
non-copyright 2004

to download: Experiment #1

to listen:

01 When Before There Was A When
02 Voices In The Wilderness
03 Peacemakers
04 Orange Doorhinge
05 Wisconsin Blue Pepper
06 Eternity Is Now
07 Most High
08 Math!
09 Hope
10 Beat

more coming soooooon!!!

5 Responses to “listen”

  1. Markus Says:

    hello illalogical spoon!
    i met and heard you all at larissa’s farm, at her fall harvest gathering last october. then she sent us, i live with my friends eric and ana who were also there, your last breath of a luna moth under a morel moon. i love that cd so much, it is layered with pure goodness through and through, i could listen to it daily. i want to get more of your music, we live in new buffalo, also would like to get you all into our area sometime this year, [address omitted by moderator] loving you all, thank you so much for being!

  2. Blake Says:

    I love you guys! I saw you for the first time at the Weiss Family Tour. I dig your tunes and the Psalters music greatly. I would very much appreciate if you posted your album art for each of your albums. I hope you all are well and would love to see you guys play again someday

  3. the jessups Says:

    sending our love and hope.
    looking forward to our paths crossing again! (would be better sooner rather than later.)

  4. Caleb Daniels Says:

    I was wondering if you guys were still gonna play Cornerstone. I see you have it listed on your site but Cornerstone doesn’t have you guys listed on the new re-confirmed reduced list.

  5. admin Says:

    Yeah, we’ll definitely be there, don’t worry!

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