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November 9th, 2011

we wanted to get a bunch of these short excerpts in one place, because we think we’re the only ones who know how to spell our name… and sometimes even we don’t know.

[More] Ragged Claws (Punk Porch)
Ragged Claws (Punk Porch, Columbus OH, August 2013

Motherbear (Winter Gathering, 2012)

Other Side, a Bad Faces Clan cover (Winter Gathering, 2012)

Trouble (JaxNaz, 2011)

Beer Slayer (Common Ground Festival, July 2011)

end of Motherbear, a reading, Hoods Up (Cornerstone, 2011)

a cover by our friend Seth Martin…into our song, Hope (Cornerstone, 2011)

Beer Slayer (Revolution Collective, Toledo OH, May 2011)

Hoods Up (Holler Fest, 2010)

Kemokemonom (Cornerstone, 2010)

Beer Slayer, a Bad Faces Clan cover (Cornerstone, 2010)

Hoods Up (Michigan Theatre, April 2010)

Eternity Is Now (The Loft, August 2009)

Trouble (The Loft, August 2009)

Moon and Fire (Cornerstone, 2009)

Tree of Job (Cornerstone, 2009)

Hobo’s Lullaby (Harvest Gathering, 2008)

Grasping the Wind (Brother Bean coffeehouse, 2008)

Bad Deal/Secret Plan (Holler Fest, 2008)

When the Rain Comes (PAPA fest, 2008)

Acoustic Solo Set (Prop Shop, Jackson MI, April 2008)

Come Thou Warrior in Soul Thou Poet in Deed for at 12:17 We Shall Believe (Cornerstone, 2006)

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